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All that is required to accomplish this [A People Centric Culture] is for the leaders of a company to make the decision to do it. They have the power to create an environment in which people will naturally thrive and advance the good of the organization itself.

(Simon Sinek, from Leaders Eat Last…, p. 61)

The problem here is that those who make the “decision to do it” represent a very small percentage of business leaders.

The vast majority may have the institutional power of a leader but cannot accomplish what they cannot “see.” They cannot offer others what they do not give themselves. Nor can they create a culture that does, if their relationship with themselves limits their capacity for empathy. In others words, without a sea change in themselves, what has driven their achievement in the past will determine what they are capable of accomplishing with others. That is the bottom line and has always been the bottom line.

No business or organization will ever achieve effective alignment of their three primary constituencies –

Customer, management and workers


business leadership

If they continue to believe and embrace the instrumental myth that if you “see it”
and “want it” you can “do it.” The problem begins with seeing it. We do not see objective reality. There are all kinds of biological, psychological and cultural filters that insure this. These filters are established early in life through learning and are quite resistant to change. With repeated experiences over time they develop into habits (biological and psychological). These habits lead us to seek or create “cultures” that make us feel at home. The unexamined mind—which guides many of our beliefs and actions—contributes to what it sees and then interprets what it perceives as validation of what it believes. This process occurs irrespective of our status or level of achievement and being bright might actually be a disadvantage here! Ironically, the less capable often come to terms with their limitations early in life. Often those with greater functional ability can postpone or skillfully narrow their lives and substitute impressive achievements that often serve as spurious “evidence” that they are on the right track. Sometimes when they find themselves empty and unconnected with those they should be closest to it is already too late. They turned their heads and it became their life, and it becomes exceedingly difficult to turn back. There is no short cut to self-knowledge but the value of experience can never be reliably assessed without it.