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Post written by Joe Carella, Psy. D., Licensed Psychologist, Certified CEO Effectiveness Executive Coach

“It’s lonely at the top” – never has there been a truer phrase been uttered. In his blog, Dr. Bill Anton captures the true essence of why the top is such a lonely place as he explores the connection between loneliness anxiety and self-knowledge. Feedback is an incredibly powerful tool in the continuous search for self-awareness. The most effective leaders are those who are truly open to understanding and exploring how they relate to, connect with and disconnect from others. The willingness to explore who they are, their authentic self, enables the true greatness the leader to shine through. Not surprisingly, that which makes them great is also what makes them happy.

The exploration of the leader’s true self allows them to build upon their strengths. Self-aware leaders then surround themselves with those who compliment them and ideally remain open to what the others have to offer. Through acceptance of their own limitations, an essential element of self-knowledge, the leader can drive success and true partnership.

I challenge you to seek and accept feedback from others. Doing so helps us become closer to true self-knowledge. Then again, if it is more important to you to be right, then be sure to stay closed off and enjoy the loneliness at the top